BGF FOODSTUFF TRADING LLC is a distribution company that is constantly evolving and growing on the market. In a market crisis, it continues to increase its turnover. The company insists on quality and professionalism.

BGF FOODSTUFF TRADING LLC features a team of professionals. Sales representatives are trained not only to sell goods which the company distributes and sell high quality. The merchandising is the ability to use the equipment as a tool for displaying goods. Applied by our professionals, it can increase the turnover due to the presentation of products on the faces of the shelves, at the shelf, at the second set of points and cash areas. Observing these rules the company offers a better product presentation at the cash areas, new improved comprehensive solution for a cash point. It consists of several modules that can be used in various combinations. Its aim is to offer the most functional solution that will ensure the best places for our products , but also a place for other impulse products at the cash area.

About Us

BGF FOOD STUFF LLC is a private company registered in Dubai U.A.E. The company specializes in exclusive wholesale delivery, storage and distribution of products of Mondelez. Our activities include distribution, merchandising and logistics in over 500 sites in U.A.E.,

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  +971 4 321 4493

   P O Box: 283799, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area N°2,
        Al Kharbash Building,
        (Dubai Islamic Bank Back Side),
        Dubai - UAE

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